Our Mission

Making Disciples
by the Grace of God

Vision + Values

Delighting in God

Word. Letting the Bible refresh our lives through preaching and teaching, everyday conversations and personal time with Jesus.

Worship. Expressing and shaping our love for God through public worship and private prayer with both thoughtful reverence and joyful affection.

Faith. Trusting God to show his power and goodness in all circumstances and believing that gaining Christ is worth losing all.

Loving One Another

Relationships. Demonstrating the relational nature of God through healthy, biblically-shaped relationships, in both the church and the family, that are characterized by intentionality, transparency, sincerity and empathy.

Service. Reflecting the servanthood of Jesus as each member contributes time, resources and abilities to build the body up in love.

Unity. Pursuing the unity of the Spirit, recognizing that a united local church is God’s primary means for displaying the oneness of the Godhead and fulfilling the Great Commission.

Multiplying Christ Followers

Evangelism. Sharing the message of the gospel with respect, clarity and courage.

Discipleship. Helping others to trust and follow Jesus more and more with a view to pass on what they have been given.

Next Generation. Passing on faith to children, teens and young adults, while also creating a culture that values the entrustment of responsibility to the less experienced for the sake of training.

Blessing Fort Collins

Presence. Reflecting Jesus in our normal patterns of life, mainly by loving our immediate neighbors and demonstrating the goodness and creativity of God through our vocations.

Mercy. Genuinely caring for the hungry, the sick, the orphaned, the stranger, and all who are experiencing brokenness or marginalization in our city.

Partnership. Networking with other churches, organizations and city officials for the reputation of Christ and the good of the city.

Expanding Globally

Mission. Spreading the knowledge of the gospel to every tribe, language, people, and nation.

Church-planting. Actively and strategically pursuing the multiplication of churches.

Resourcing. Generously sending people, finances and guidance to support the advancement of the gospel in other cultures.